Stop the war in Ukraine

The NuSPACES team condemn Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their government as they are bravely defending their country. We are very concerned about the risk of nuclear disaster and we call all Russian societies, organisations and individuals to do everything in their power to stop Russia’s government’s war in Ukraine.

We support actions in solidarity and publicly expressing a stand against war in Ukraine.

Image of a painting “STOP war, STOP Putin” (2022) by a Lithuanian painter Aušra Andziulytė.

We call for countering Russian propaganda by following and providing trustworthy information from the leading international information channels like BBC and CNN.

We also follow Kyiv Independent, in Russian: UNIAN - Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News and Current Time TV.

We will revise our partnerships and cancel our cooperation with Russian institutions unless they have clearly and openly expressed that they acknowledge the war and stand against it.

We are looking for ways to personally and/or locally support Ukraine, their refugees, and the world's mutual effort to make this hell stop.

We encourage everyone to reach out to your partners and fellow human beings - in your country and abroad, institutions or businesses, public figures, individuals professionally related or not related to art, politicians and political organisations - to speak up, publicly acknowledge and oppose the war.

Everyone can help by donating to the Red Cross, Blue-Yellow or other organisations listed here: Another list of trusted funds and other initiatives is RazomForUkraine. Please also share and add links to emergency resources for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers (it's a growing list):